In preparation for a surface to be smooth and clean, sandblasting is introduced as a way to remove old paint, rust, dirt and debris. This is to prepare a surface for either an epoxy floor coating or a high quality painting solution. We have had sandblasting solutions completed in industrial, commercial and residential spaces on surfaces like concrete, metal, steel and iron. A high velocity stream of abrasive material is used during our solutions to prepare the smooth surface.

Our clients sought after our sandblasting solutions as they understand the importance of catering properly to surfaces and we are able to provide many customizable solutions for all type of projects.The demand of our services are increasing in many cities and so we have extended our reach to many places in Alberta such as Grande Prairie, Rycroft, Clairmont, Wembley, Grande Cache, Valleyview, Fox Creek, Fairview and other cities.

Each of our contractors and specialists have been trained rigorously through our health & safety training and all are proficient in applying sandblasting in a highly safe, controlled environment with full protection and ventilation. Our sandblasting specialists will work around the clock to ensure your project is completed timely and within budget. We know how big of an investment sandblasting can be so we will ensure that your next sandblasting project will be up standard and to your specifications as required. We have many successful completed projects already in our portfolio. If you have any questions or would like a free assessment for your next sandblasting project you can visit our quote & contact page.

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